Elevating Conveyors

Box Elevator
Box Elevator
Dual chain gripper with <br> manual width adjustment
Dual chain gripper with manual width adjustment

Conveyors provide the motion you need to keep your processes moving. But a conveyor needs to fit your industry, plant footprint and budget. Can Lines Engineering understands that when it comes to elevating conveyor desings, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

CLE provides various types of elevating conveyors for various applications.  Most are available with tool-less repeatable settings to cover multiple product sizes on one line.  Please contact our Engineering Department to help determine the best style conveyor for your elevating application.

Elevated Conveyor Designs for Every Need

Can Lines offers elevated conveyors to fit every footprint, industry and budget. We’re confident that you’ll find a solution in our catalog that is both affordable and effective. The elevated conveyors we offer include:

Other Types of Conveyors

In addition to elevating conveyors, Can Lines Engineering offers wide range of other types of conveyors, including:

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Which elevating conveyor design is best for you? Contact Can Lines to discuss our elevating conveyors or request a quote if you’re ready to buy. To speak with our team, call (562) 861-2996.