Mass Conveyor Install
Mass Conveyor Install
Plant Conveyor Layout
Plant Conveyor Layout
Can Lines Engineering has been providing value added products for packing lines for over 5 decades.  Our products are robust by design and ready for industrial use.  We offer pre-engineered, made to order solutions for maximum value and custom designed products for the food & beverage, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, pet food and other industrial applications.
CLE’s products are all proudly American Made at our factory located in Downey, California.  Our high quality starts with our in house precision Laser cutting, CNC routing, and onsite machine shop capability.  Our work is finished off by our veteran machine fabricators.  Can Lines Engineering is also able to quickly meet our customers special requests by having a full Mechanical and Electrical Engineering team able to make special alterations to our standard products.  We use the latest in 2D & 3D design software allowing us to effectively communicate the alterations back to our customers for approval. 

Please see links below for some of our products.

Palletizers & Depalletizers
Stackers & Destackers
Twists and Fittings
Electrical Panels and HMI’s
Operator Interface Items
Specialty Custom Equipment

Additionally, Can Lines Engineering offers full design, build and installation services.  Please see our offered Services for more information.

Access Platform Case Conveyor

Over under Platform

Access Platform Case Conveyor Over under Conveyor