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Custom Equipment & Fabrication Services

Sheet metal, structural steel, and plastic fabrication services are provided for our customers that need short and large orders filled.  Located in southern Los Angeles County for over 55 years, CLE has been providing job shop services using our fabrication expertise for local, out of state, and global customers.  Our in-house fabrication capabilities allow CLE to deliver quality parts and equipment on time at a competitive price. 


Our fabrication shop also allows CLE installation crews the ability to resolve installation issues with other oversees vendors long before they can get the parts in from their own factories.  Additionally, we maintain a Los Angeles fabricator license for structural steel, aluminum, rebar and stainless steel fabrication.  Contact our sales staff and send us your drawings to get a quote. Some of our in house capabilities are:

  •  In house laser cutting for high accuracy

  • Custom Plastics cutting with CNC router

  • Weld shop with onsite licensed welders

  • Assembly and Testing area

    • 3 ton bridge crane for factory acceptance tests equipment set up and assembly

    • 40,500 square foot under roof

    • Experienced machine builders

    • On site Engineering staff to work through testing and start up issues quickly

    • On site testing controls panel with VFD’s and PLC to allow for quick testing of equipment prior to arrival of job specific controls.


CLE’s custom fabrication capability has led to a wide variety of equipment fabrication through the years.  Some examples of our fabrication capabilities are:

  • Structural steel industrial canopies

  • Custom rigging structure for filler drop in through roof

  • Air chambers for bomb decommissioning

  • Floating wall for art display

  • Custom guarding for machine safety upgrades

  • Industrial stairways, cross-overs, and access platform

  • Custom totes for reject recovery

  • Custom change part carts

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