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Mechanical Engineering

Can Lines Engineering has a dedicated team of experienced

Engineering staff to carefully help reach your production goals

in the most efficient way possible.  Please consult with our

Engineering group as early in your project as possible so that

we can share some of the tough decision making that

ultimately effects the success of your project. 


Our Engineering staff has worked projects from various industries at plants across the world for over 55 years and we are ready to assist

with your project.  Additionally our vast experience in designing,

fabricating and installing equipment gives CLE great insight to

the fine details of equipment selection.


Our Engineering staff understands equipment selection process and the costs ramification which allows our team to make optimized decisions

on equipment specifications that greatly affects not only the

capitol project costs, but the cost of running the line for years

to come. 

Some of our services are listed below:

  • Green field line layouts with new or re-used equipment

  • Equipment selection (new & used) for current and
    potential future packages

  • V-curve analysis to determine where bottlenecks will
    occur and allow for solution to maximize line efficiency

  • Accumulation/Buffer system design to minimize
    production downtime

  • Existing line audits for efficiency studies to determine
    where the best return on investment can be made to
    increase your production and lower operating expenses

  • Manpower and ergonomic analysis to make operating cost recommendations to optimize operations

  • As built drawing documentation services to capture current plant layout to best plan for future expansion and changes

  • Controls system architecture and design for line controls & communications, ease of use and future expansion (see Electrical Engineering and Controls)

  • Upgrade of existing machine controls for added flexibility and improved efficiency

  • Bid package documents including scope of work and specifications


CLE also has vast experience in upgrading lines as well.  We know what it takes to properly design for replacing items such as a packer or adding a packer for a dual back end capability.  Designing the new tie-ins requires careful planning with all trades to minimize plant downtime. CLE can also help execute plans for new products on existing lines. 


We can evaluate your current line capabilities and make recommendations line changes for new products or we can design in the required changeover items for multiple products to run on the same line.  Please contact us for more information.

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