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Electrical Panels and HMI's

Designed and tested by our experienced Electrical Engineering and Controls group, Can Lines Engineering supplies the latest in industrial control packages to meet your automation needs.  Our Engineers and Technicians have vast experience over multiple industries including, food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceuticals, consumable products and industrial equipment.


CLE not only designs control panels, HMI stations, and operator interfaces for our own equipment, but can also provide designs for existing equipment upgrades, including safety circuit.

Some of the electrical equipment Can Lines Engineering provides include:


  • Electrical Control Panels in an array of sizes (Stainless Steel 4x or Painted)

  • User friendly touch screen interfaces (HMIs)

  • Distributed drive systems (conveyor mounted)

  • Local motor disconnects

  • Light curtains

  • Life-lines (cable operated safety switches)

  • Operator pushbutton stations

  • Sensors for automated control

  • Cables for power, control and communication, wireway / wire basket 


With our available Mechanical / Electrical Engineering and Installation teams, and our General Contractor capabilities, CLE can also provide a complete turnkey solution.  This solution could include your required:


  • Electrical controls

  • Controls upgrades

  • Data gathering of existing equipment

  • Installing predesigned solutions from OEMs

  • Providing necessary custom bracketry

  • Point of connection terminations

  • Electrical system power upgrades / distribution

  • Testing and start-up support


Please see our services page for more information about our Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Controls, and Installation services available.

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