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Twists, Fittings & Cap Chute

CLE’s twist and fitting fabricators are some of the best in the business, as they are highly sought out to service North and South American customers.  This is actually an art and requires the hands of experience to ensure a smooth operation. Twist and fitting is an fabrication art that requires years of experience to insure smooth operation, and CLE is able to provide solutions where others could not. Our fittings can be made into various shapes and sizes depending on your requirements for elevation, direction of travel, and orientation.

Many companies still know CLE as “Can Lines” for a great reason.  Our twist and fitting fabricators have been doing amazing work with cans for over 5 decades, but cans are certainly not all we work with.  Bottles, caps, small paper containers, lids and plastics are all media that we works with. CLE will fabricate them in house or on your site.

There are several media types to work with for fittings and choosing the correct media is extremely important for properly handling products without product damage or quick wear on the fittings.  This is part of the art of fitting and twist building as well as knowing what tolerances to provide to the product and what dimensions are needed for the required twist or slide. Typical twist and fitting materials are:


  • Smooth UHMW-PE covered half-round or round bar

  • High polished and tempered 304 stainless steel

  • Hard chrome plated stainless steel

Typical sections that Can Lines Engineering provides are:


  • 90 degree twists (lay down or stand up)

  • 180 degree twist inverters

  • Gravity straights (sliding or rolling)

  • Gravity spiral declines (sliding)

  • Gravity curves  (sliding or rolling)

  • Gravity rinser fitting assemblies

Many of todays modern lines must run multiple products on the same production line to keep costs down and this can create multiple problems, especially with fittings and twists.  Sometimes automatic pneumatic adjusting fittings can be used to solve the dilemma.  Other time, plans may need to be devised for quick line changeover.  Please contact CLE for expert advice on how to add capability to existing lines.


Can Twist

Multi Twist to Hydro

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