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  • Beverage

Beverage industry work has been one of CLE’s core markets since our inception over 55 years ago.  Our Mechanical and Electrical Engineering departments are well seasoned in the various challenges that will make your line run reliably and efficiently.


High-speedlines are capable of speeds in excess of 2400 parts per minute and Can Lines Engineering knows how to handle the situation.   Getting your product from bulk to single file for filling, labeling, and inspection takes careful planning and gentle handling equipment to ensure that product is not damaged and with little waste.  Additionally, pulling rejects out at high speed without interrupting the line flow can be challenging and CLE has experience with various secondary equipment providers and knows how to successfully integrate these devices for problem free running.  Accumulations zones are also critical on beverage line and CLE can review the various options from inline mass accumulation to alternate path options to make sure the best style is selected to ensure smooth line operation without costly micro-stops.

Odd shaped bottles often found on slower lines running wines and other spirits provide many challenges even without the high speeds.  Single filing, inspecting, rejecting and combining these difficult containers require careful planning and equipment selection.  CLE is up to the task with our various pressureless combiners, gentle handling accumulators, precision controls and know how required to get bottles/containers through the line without knocking them down or breaking them.


Beer bottles, to 2L PET soda bottles, odd-shaped wine bottles and everything in between, count on CLE’s vast experience in designing, building, and installing new beverage lines and upgrading current lines to improve your bottom line.

We have been engineering and designing conveyor and equipment systems to handle direct contact raw foods and packaged foods for more than 55 years.  In addition to being conveyor engineering experts, we also offer line and conveyor controls, installation and project management.


CLE offers custom and modular systems that are engineered to suit your needs. Our application engineers will recommend the perfect equipment solution according to your product needs and project specifications. CLE’s vast experience in food package handling and an extensive portfolio of equipment can provide standard or custom designed conveying solutions to fit your application and budget needs.  Additionally, we offer several different conveyor options based on needs of the specific application to make sure that the most economical solutions are provided.

  • Food


  • Aluminum, tin or paperboard cans

  • Closed or open cartons

  • Glass jars

  • PET containers of various shapes and sizes

  • Pouches and bags

  • Bag in Box

  • Cardboard overwrap packaging

  • Ice cream

  • Baked goods

  • Bulk raw vegetables

  • Uncooked burritos, taquitos, pizza, cookies and pies

  • Breads



  • Pharmaceutical

Can Lines Engineering can design pharmaceutical sanitary stainless steel conveyor that will prevent cross contamination between handling different products. We use FDA approved belting and design our conveyors with accessibility for cleaning, reliability and flexibility. Along with conveyance we also can provide inspection stations and accumulation tables for bottles and vials. CLE has manufactured systems to convey:

  • 2ml to 1000 ml vials

  • Small bottles

  • IV bags

  • Tubes

  • Small cartons

  • Trays

  • Stainless steel pallets



  • Consumer Goods

CLE has been developing with custom solutions for a wide variety of consumer goods applications as well including paints, oils, paper products and personal hygiene items for years.  Count on CLE’s seasoned veterans to provide the extra expertise in getting high quality results for your complex problems such as aligning, orienting and merging products at high speed.  Creating flexible solutions for lines to run many different sized products is also at the core of CLE’s strengths.


  • Industrial Applications

Industrial applications often found when working with paints, and glues, can be quite overwhelming.  Our Electrical and Mechanical Engineers know how to work through the special requirements presented by hazardous environments.  Expert millwright installers compliment with the safety and know how to get items installed safely and efficiently as possible.

  • Automotive Cleaners 

  • Industrial glues and cements

  • Oils

  • Paints

Please don’t hesitate to contact CLE with any other conveyance items.

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