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Palletizers / Depalletizers - Stack/Destackers

Whether you are looking for a palletizing, depalletizing, stacking, or destacking system, CLE has the right solution for you. Since 1960, we have made it a goal to improve customer efficiency and productivity. Our product handling systems use state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality construction and design to make your operation run more efficiently than ever.


We can provide semi and fully automatic systems made to your specifications. Our equipment can be found in many industries such as food, paint, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, beverage, dairy, pet food, and many more.

Due to the wide range of products covered by CLE’s equipment, we use several different technologies in our machines. Our palletizing and depalletizing systems may use magnetic head, sweep, or pneumatic suction cups to lift loads or a combination of all.  Please contact CLE with container and pallet specifications and rates so we can determine the best way to handle your product. 

Can Lines Engineering also provides several options for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic slip sheet and picture frame removal (where applicable).  With safty being the highest priority in any manufacturing setting, CLE would recommend choosing a fully automatic system except for lines with sweeps less frequent than 1 minute.

Robust design and high quality construction is a must at the depalletizing and palletizing end of the system where jams and down time can bring a production line to a halt.  Can Lines Engineering has a firm grasp on the importance of unit reliabilityand rest assured, as we still support units that have been in service since the 70’s.  Our current units have most of the same robust base design, but with 40+ years of electro-mechanical updates.  Current models offer the latest in servo-motor technology along with updated electro-mechanical systems to provide higher rates. Please contact CLE for further information.




Typically all above items are just a piece of the puzzle for a new or updated line.  Please see our other Conveyor capabilities along with our services page for more about our line layout, integration, and installation capabilities.

Key Features:


  • Pallet infeed and discharge conveyor to meet your need

  • Pallet stacker and/or destacker

  • Automatic slip sheet removal

  • Single filers to meet specific needs

  • Line control integration

  • Bright can stacking/destacking

  • Operator platforms for custom configuration

  • Case, Bottle and Can handling

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