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CLE maintains both standard conveyor equipment designs for maximum consumer value and continuously work on custom conveyors for unique applications.  Meeting and exceeding your application requirements is our goal.  Our staff engineers will work with your team on the front end to make sure all project requirements and specifications are met along with appropriate agency standards.


CLE uses the latest 3D & 2D Software for increased efficiency in communication equipment designs along with product lifecycle management control to provide support to your facility for years to come.  Our on staff Electrical Engineering and Controls team allows CLE to meet the ever challenging tasks of motion control including various servo drive technologies for the toughest line automation challenges.


Additionally, CLE works with many inspection/scanning vendors and are able to efficiently coordinate equipment requirements for smooth line integration and implementation.  

CLE regularly works in raw food, beverage, pharmaceutical, dairy, nutraceutical, consumer packaged goods, and other industrial applications such as a chemical warhead decommissioning plant.  Having the correct conveyor design for the application is crucial in both purchase price and line operating costs.


See bullets below for a partial list of some of our standard, made to order products and click on links form more information.  


If you’re not sure you see what you need or if further information is required, please contact CLE or see our Specialty Custom Equipment or other Products pages.

Beer Line

Conveyor Layout

Conveyor Installation

  • Packaged Goods Conveyors for sealed food & beverage items in dry to medium duty wash down environments

  • Sanitary Goods Conveyors for extreme wash down and sanitary required environments found in meat and poultry, non-sealed dairy, and pharmaceutical environments

  • Case Conveyor for dry applications typically found in empty box shops or downstream of case packer

  • Cable Track Conveyors  are typically used for economically moving stable products large distances in single file

  • Elevator Conveyors  are used for raising and lower products

  • Material Handling System are typically found at the front end of the line to move bulk, palletized materials, and also found at back end of line to convey palletized, finished goods.

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