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Operator Access Products

For over 55 years, Can Lines Engineering has been operating out of our Downey, California manufacturing facility providing our customers with industrial safety and access items.  We offers many standard and made to order solutions for you and your workforce to maximize ergonomics, provide safe access to equipment and to protect personnel and machinery.

We provide custom engineered and fabricated structural platforms and operator platforms to provide ergonomic access to equipment.  CLE also provides custom cross-overs, ships ladders (fixed or retractable) and duck-unders to provide ergonomic operator access to production lines.  All platforms, ladders and stairways are designed to OSHA standards. 

Can Lines Engineering’s clients cover a vast spectrum of requirements from general manufacturing environments to some of the harshest environments found in food & beverage, waste water treatment, pulp & paper, and pharmaceutical industries.  As such, we’ve gained lots of experience selecting the best solutions to last for years with safety and economics in mind.  


For framing, CLE typically works with painted mild steel, powder coated mild steel, epoxy painted mild steel and stainless steel to meet environmental requirements. For grating there is a variety of aluminum, galvanized steel, and stainless steel options using bar grating, expanded metals, and grip strut.  We also use a variety of fiberglass reinforced plastics with excellent corrosion and slip resistance.  Please contact CLE for further recommendations on your particular project.

With production lines required to run multiple products on a line to be profitable these days, ergonomic issues arise quite frequently.  With CLE’s in house Mechanical Engineering team and Electrical Engineering and Controls group, we’ve been able to come up with several solutions to ergonomic challenges.  Our electro-mechanical platform allows for operators to adjust for different working elevations due to different package sizes and the articulating stairway allows for safe access at the different positions.  CLE also provides ergonomic lift tables to allow for ergonomic work heights.

Please contact us for other custom ergonomic solutions to a working challenge.  A few of CLE’s custom solutions include:


  • Sliding ball roller table with height adjustment and box flipper

  • Snaking inspection conveyor

  • Over-Under Material supply station


Protecting your personnel and equipment from fork trucks and other hazards is an essential task.  Some of the protective items CLE provides are:


  • Core drilled and plate mounted bollards

  • Structural steel fork truck guarding and stops

  • Highway style guarding

  • Overhead warning bumpers

In addition to the supply of protective equipment and ergonomic solutions, CLE can provide you with a turnkey solution to your needs. Our Engineering staff can design (mechanical and electrical) solutions to your needs and our Millwright installers can provide all your installation needs.  For more information, please contact our technical sales team or see our services page.

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