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Specialty Custom Equipment

The continuous changes dictated by the needs of our customers and increasing line speeds require new designs in equipment to meet production goals. With over 55 years of experience behind us in design and custom fabrication, we can focus our resources to insure our customers reach those goals. Our engineers use the latest in 2D and 3D CAD along with PLM to ensure your specialty custom equipment is precise, durable and well supported for years to come.

With CLE’s in house Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, and vast equipment building experiences, our clients often call upon CLE for R&D support. CLE is able to work with your engineering team and add value to your designs or create our own designs to reach your goals.  Our in house fabrication ability allows us to keep control of fabrication time and make quick adjustments during the testing phase. 

Some of our specialty custom equipment includes:


  • Intralox Activated Roller™ (ARB) Belt Technology allows for very creative line flow solutions not previously possible, particularly for smooth bottomed applications

  • Bi-directional Accumulation Table are able to handle slow to medium speed lines with round or semi-round products (sqrounds) and add buffers between equipment

  • In-Line Accumulation Table can be used for round and semi-round containers to add a buffer between pieces of equipment for slow to high-speed lines

  • Multi-Twist Infeed System Cans are fed into the system in mass and then separated into multiple lanes. The multiple can lanes are simultaneously twisted and dropped to form a stick configuration (lid to bottom)

  • Gripper Elevator/Lowerator  Provides low to high speed change of elevation in compact footprint with gentle product handling and allows for a wide variety of shapes and sizes

  • Box Pushers & Rejects for low to high speed lines

  • Zero Pressure Full Pallet Conveyor allows for the gentle transportation and accumulation of palletized loads without contact from load to load

  • Hi Speed Packer Infeed seperates round containers from mass to individual lanes and can evacuate downed containers prior to packer infeeds

  • Pressureless Combiners provide gentle singulation of primarily round containers from low to high speed

  • Decel Tables provide gentle deceleration of fast moving round containers moving as fast as 2400 ppm

  • Can Orientator provides right side up separation of items that can easily be upside down

  • Laners provide the ability to redirect line flow to create laned product flow for low to high speed applications and for odd shaped items

  • Palletizers/Depalletizers  Our current units offer the latest in servo-motor technology, along with updated electro-mechanical systems to provide higher rates.


Quality of custom equipment is extremely important to make sure it arrives at your facility and performs.  CLE will arrange an F.A.T. (factory acceptance test) with your company to make sure the system meets your needs.  Additionally with CLE’s installation services and in house capabilities, we are able to provide quick implementation and start up support.  Please contact CLE for more information.

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