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Elevating Conveyors

Conveyors provide the motion you need to keep your processes moving. But a conveyor needs to fit your industry, plant footprint and budget. Can Lines Engineering understands that when it comes to elevating conveyor designs, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

CLE provides various types of elevating conveyors for various applications.  Most are available with tool-less repeatable settings to cover multiple product sizes on one line.  Please contact our Engineering Department to help determine the best style conveyor for your elevating application.

Elevated Conveyor Designs for Every Need

Can Lines offers elevated conveyors to fit every footprint, industry and budget. We’re confident that you’ll find a solution in our catalog that is both affordable and effective. The elevated conveyors we offer include:

  • Mat-top/Table-top high friction chain conveyors provide an inexpensive solution for elevating product with an inclination angle up to 25° depending on product characteristic.  This allows for high flow rates with continuous movement. Single file or mass product configurations are possible. The mat-top/table-top high friction chain conveyor is usually the lowest cost solution, but requires a larger footprint.

  • Flighted/shelved conveyors allow for the tightest footprints of elevating product.  These systems have non-continuous movement and are typically limited to 12-16 cycles per minute.  Best for light packages or empty box systems.

  • Dual gripper chain conveyors allow for high speed gentle elevating of single file products.  Additionally this method allows for smoothly inverting products by using a “C” style configuration instead of “S” style. 

    Adjustable options allow for various size products to run on the same line with minimal changeover time.  An optional pneumatic take-up system allows for reduced maintenance requirements. The dual gripper chain conveyors can handle boxes, bottles/cans and some other odd shapes.  Please provide a product drawing to help determine whether the shape can be transported with a dual gripper chain.

Box Elevator

Dual chain gripper with manual width adjustment

  • Magnetic Bed Conveyors allow for compact equipment layouts by utilizing the magnetism available with steel canned products. Choose vertical or inverted conveyors to maximize plant floor space.  The magnetic bed conveyor is available with Mass or single file conveyor configurations. Please provide samples for application testing.

  • Vacuum Conveyors can be used on light products for vertical or even inverted transportation. The product must have a consistent contact area for vacuum to seal product to chain.

  • Spiral Incline Conveyors allow for continuous movement, high speed conveyance with non-magnetic products and tighter footprint than standard Mat-Top/TableTop hi-friction belt conveyor. The spiral incline conveyor can handle single file or mass products.

Other Types of Conveyors

In addition to elevating conveyors, Can Lines Engineering offers wide range of other types of conveyors, including:

Contact Can Lines Engineering

Which elevating conveyor design is best for you? Contact Can Lines to discuss our elevating conveyors or request a quote if you’re ready to buy. To speak with our team, call (562) 861-2996.

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