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Cable Track Conveyors

Cable track conveyor is one of the most economical forms of conveying and accumulating containers. It provides single file transportation for steel, aluminum or plastic. Can Lines Engineering has been manufacturing cable track for over 5 decades. Because of the design you can achieve very long pulls with minimal amount of drives, saving up front and operational costs.


Construction can be mild steel, aluminum or stainless steel. Because of its compact and light weight design, cable track can easily make its way through congested areas where most conventional conveyors wouldn't normally fit.  Some of the key features of cable track are:

  • Lightweight

  • Few moving parts

  • Economical

  • 300 feet of conveyor for a single drive or longer in some cases

CLE’s cable track is typically supplied in 20’ lengths and cut to suit on site.  Since our conveyor is made to order, we can provide many guide rail options.  Typically cable track is suspended in the air which makes accessibility for multi-position rails difficult.  Can Lines Engineering can provide several options to accommodate remote guide rail adjustability including multi-positions with cylinders, electric/pneumatic adjustability, or floor accessed mechanical flip down rails.  


Top hold down rails can also be provided for products that may want to shingle when accumulating such as cans with non-seamed lips. Top covers can also be integrated into the guiderail/top rail system when concerns exists for contamination.

Due to superior strength and reliability, CLE prefers to use 5/16” steel braided cabling with a nylon cover (3/8” Wirelon cable).  Our calbes are endless spliced together on site for the best strength.  The high strength of the nylon coated steel cable allows for much longer distances between motors and a noticeable energy savings when compared to other solutions.   CLE can provide weld together reinforced urethane or polyester cables upon request. 

It is quite common to see a cable track system provide multiple filling / packaging lines.  CLE can provide the multiple gates (manual or pneumatic), twists and fittings required to meet your production needs.  Another common accessory for cable track is accumulation zone stops.  Because of long runs possible with cable track and limited product rigidity with empty containers being conveyed, it is sometimes necessary to provide several stops along the line to break up the backpressure.

Cable Track straight section

Pneumatic Gate For Alternate Path

6 Gang Cable Track Turn

With our in house Electrical Engineering and Controls group, we can provide you with all the necessary hardware, software and controls programming required for efficient operation.  We highly recommending contacting our technical sales staff for consultation, quote and layout assistance if required.  Also, CLE can provide expert installation services for a complete turnkey solution.  Please also note that Can Lines Engineering provides cable splicing services.

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