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Stainless steel CDLR and JCT pallet conveyors

Material Handling Conveyors

Material Handling Systems must handle heavy loads delicately and with precision.  CLE has developed several MHS conveyors to get your unfinished goods to the production area and finished goods to the outgoing dock doors.  Our Engineers have developed both the mechanical and electrical components necessary to gently handle your products.  


Our experience ranges from harvest produce coming in from fields to sterilized IV bag handling and empty can transportation.  Multiple lines, multiple product flow paths, and directional pallets frequently encountered can create many challenges.  CLE professionals can insure the right equipment types and controls are selected to properly handle the material and maximize line efficiency.  We recommend contacting our Engineers as early as possible in your projects to get some expert help on your material handling solutions. 

Robust design is essential with pallet conveyor systems and Can Lines Engineering offers material handling conveyors for pallet loads up to 7000 pounds.  We use primarily 3/16” and 1/4” formed steel framing for most applications and use structural steel for extreme conditions. Drive shafts and bearings are typically oversized to offer years of trouble free service.

Because Can Lines Engineering works in so many different applications we also provide stainless steel offerings for our material handling conveyors.  Below are some of the standard Material Handling conveyor modules CLE offers.

Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR) for widths up to 60” wide are an economical solution for pallet transport.  These conveyors can be supplied with high side frame or low side frame with bolt on guides.  CLE uses rollers from 1.9” to 3” diameter in plain steel, zinc plated, or stainless steel material and can provide roller centers down to 3” centers (depending on load and roller diameter).  CLE also offers low pressure, zero pressure, and indexing drive options.

Drag Chain Conveyor provides an economical solution for transporting loads long distances and works well with most pallet bottoms.  CLE utilizes straight sidebar chain for better contact and load distribution.  Double pitch chains are typically used for uni-directional applications and single pitch chains are used for bi-directional applications.  Zero pressure and indexing controls are available.

Turntable CDLR by CLE allows for 90 changing direction of pallet travel while maintaining pallet orientation with respect to direction of travel which is important when working with tricky pallet bottoms.  Units are typically supplied with brake-motors and sensors for both the rotational and translational motion to ensure smooth operation.  For precision applications, slow down sensors may also be provided.

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor - reversible

Transfer Trolley with CDLR

Smooth Lifting Wedges and a Pneumatic Cylinder

Jump Chain Transfers (JCT) allow for 90° transfer of pallets with a change in pallet orientate with respect to travel.  A 1” change in elevation is required at change of direction and is provided by smooth lifting wedges and a pneumatic cylinder The design allows for bi-directional flows in both the infeed and exit directions so pallets can be backed out in case of a downstream issue. 

Can Lines Engineerng is also able to source, supply, integrate and install other end of line material handling equipment items such as stretch wrappers, banders, and palletizers for a true turnkey service.  Please contact us for more information.​

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