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Sanitary Conveyor

Sanitary Conveyors

Sanitary Goods Conveyors are utilized primarily with direct contact food & dairy products and pharmaceuticals with high pressure and caustic sanitation requirements.  Additionally these products are designed to not harbor debris, are easy to clean, and drain after sanitation cycle.  


This product line is highly customizable to be able to work in the toughest sanitation requirements.  Deciding where to stop and start the Sanitary Goods Conveyors can mean the difference in 10’s of thousands of dollars in project cost.


Please contact Can Lines Engineering as early as possible in the design phase to work out the requirements and specifications. Typically, Sanitary Goods Conveyors are the highest cost per linear footage of our standard conveyor offering, our Mechanical and Electrical Engineering teams can work with you to make sure all requirements are met without going overboard on options.  

Frame construction for the Sanitary Goods Conveyors is of the utmost importance.  CLE uses 11 gauge 304 stainless steel shells for the outer frame members with #4 grain polish as standard.  316L stainless steel can be provided upon request. Larger, heavier load conveyors may require 10 gage or 7 gage side frames.


Frame spreaders provided shall be of solid design (round bar or vertically standing flat bar) so that there are no hollow areas for growth to occur.  The spreaders shall be 100% welded to the frames and the welds shall be ground and polished. Bearings, drives, guide rail brackets and other accessories shall be attached via external frame mounted stand offs which are 100% welded to frame.


Clean out/inspection holes can be provided for high pressure nozzle access when requested.  Although not required by ANSI guidelines, please consult with your corporate safety standards for clean out guard requirements. 

Sanitary Conveyor 1

Sanitary Conveyor 2

Vertical flat bar wear strip backings with snap on Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHME-PE) wear strip cover are standard items for the Sanitary Goods Conveyor and offers good chemical resistance to common caustics and cleaning solutions.  Please provide material data safety sheets (MSDS) for Engineering Department review upon quote request.  Additionally, please provide cleaning schedule and procedure documentation for materials review.  For the most severe cases, CLE can provide Stainless Steel wear strips or tool-less re-moveable UHMW-PE wear strips (belt lifters and quick access idler shaft recommended) where required.

Formed angle supports are recommended for the most sanitary conveyors so as remove areas of potential bacterial growth.  Supports are laser cut with smooth feature profiles and are length specific so as to minimize the number of un-used holes. Support spreaders shall be set at a 45 degree angle for draining.  CLE can provide the supports with adjustable flat plate supports or various articulating levelers. Contact CLE Engineering Department for any specific requests.

There are a plethora of options for drive choices for CLE’s Sanitary Goods Conveyors.  For most applications CLE will recommend using a shaft mounted, high efficiency helical-bevel gear-motor with a stainless steel quick release device.  These units can be supplied with premium efficient invert-duty motors and NSD sealed surface conversion system for wash down use.  CLE can also provide stainless steel worm gears with stainless steel motors when requested, but high external motor and reducer temperatures must be considered.  For the utmost sanitary design, CLE also offers stainless steel motorized pulleys for most applications.  Please contact CLE Engineering Department for specific drive options.

Guide rail requirements are largely dependent upon product being conveyed and line speed.  CLE offers a variety of sanitary design guide rail systems with fixed and adjustable options. Tool-less repeatable and pneumatic adjusting rails are also custom options CLE can assist with designing to ensure quick change overs to maximize line efficiency.  Additionally CLE can provide extended side frame design for integrated guide rail.

Special requirement for Electrical and Controls System design in sanitary and wash down environments are handled by CLE Electrical Engineers who have vast experience in working with tough wash down applications found in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.  Please contact our Electrical and Controls Engineers as early as possible in the design phase to get expert guidance on component selection and electrical system/installation design for cost effective solution in wash down and sanitary environments.

Typical made to order design and options are:

  • Sanitary conveyor design for ease of cleaning; see sample video here

  • 3A and USDA  compliant designs and materials where required

  • Solid frame members

  • Belt lifting options for decreased sanitation prep time

  • Tool-less removable solid UHWM wear strip design where required

  • 304 SS frame with continuous TIG weld  (316L available)

  • H1 FDA compliant lubricants

  • Welded stand offs for bearings, guiderail brackets, supports, and other accessories to keep hardware out of food zone

  • Optional nosebar drive and tail ends for tight product transfers

  • CIP spray bars are optional

  • Clean out/inspection holes on side of conveyors frames

  • 1.5” square SS shafts to reduce harborage points

  • Formed SS angle supports with no horizontal members

  • Direct drive mounting standard

  • Polymer housed 400 series stainless steel bearings

  • High-side frame design option for integrated guide rail

  • Straight, incline/decline and turn configurations available

CLE is much more than a conveyor supplier.  Please see our services page for more information on our Engineering and Installation services offered. 

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