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Case Conveyor

Case Conveyor is typically used to transfer case packaged items from packaging area to palletizing area and they have robust designs to handle the extra load.  CLE also offers a lighter duty, more economical case conveyor for empty box or extra light products.  


Both options are provided on a made to order basis, pre-engineered with a bolt together modular design to offer the most value.  Both options can also be provided in a corrosion resistant stainless steel version or painted mild steel for dry applications.  


Conveyors can be supplied from 3’ up to 75’ long depending upon load and chain utilized.  Conveyors come standard with 1.25” diameter, 2 bolt flange bearings, 1.25” diameter shafts, formed angle floor supports with adjustable legs and anchor mounting foot pad.  Standard conveyor modules include:

  • End drives

  • Idler ends

  • Drive/Tail combination

  • Nose bar transitions for small/unstable products are available for  drives, tails, and drive/tails

  • Turns (table-top or matt-top chains/belts)

  • Intermediates

  • Incline/Decline transitions

  • Center drive units for bi-directions conveyors (chain limitations must be considered)

Typical conveyor functions for case conveyor include:

  • Transportation

  • Accumulation

  • Metering/Stop belt

  • Indexing

  • Diverting

  • Combining (merging)

  • Case turning

  • Inspection/Reject systems

Additionally CLE is a licensed Intralox ARB builder and can fabricate on the fly diverts utilizing Series 400 ARB chain for continuous flow conveyor line splits, continuous motion or indexing merges, and other sortation type conveyors.  The Series 400 ARB chain also allows for product handling items such as passive corners, active corners, and hard way case turning (narrow side in, long side out).  Additionally CLE purchases, integrates and installs Intralox proprietary equipment such perpetual merges, Series 7000 multilane diverts, and DARB rejects. 

It is recommended to consult CLE’s Engineering Department prior to specifying and purchasing conveyor.  Especially with many of the new technologies, it takes an expert to know the various options and their limitations.  Our seasoned staff can provide you with the best advice on selecting the proper equipment and provide Engineering Services  to make sure you're getting the most value, utilizing the best technologies for efficient lines.  Please contact us for our expert design services and product quote.

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