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Packaged Goods Conveyor

As a manufacturer of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals or other consumer goods, you need a packaged goods conveyor that keeps things moving from start to finish. Can Lines Engineering offers conveyors for:

  • Seamed cans

  • Wine bottles

  • Beer bottles

  • Glass jars

  • PET bottles

  • IV bags

  • Pharmaceutical vials, bottles and cartons

  • And more

Can Lines Engineering offers pre-engineered designs on a made to order basis to provide a balance between flexibility and cost.  Our standard configurations include:

  • End drives

  • Parallel transfer drives

  • Dynamic transfer modules

  • Nosebar drives/tails

  • Center drive units (bi-directional)

We recommend contacting our Engineering department with your layout to review critical items such as product stability, back pressure, accumulation requirements and other line flow items to ensure the correct modules are select for the best performance.


11002 Series Packaged Goods Conveyor

The 11002 Series conveyor is available in widths from 3-1/4” wide chain to 48” wide chain and are provided in lengths from 3’ to 75’ long depending on load, speed, and conveyed product characteristics.  A variety of configurations are available too, including:

  • Straight

  • Incline

  • Decline

  • Curve (matt and multi-strand chain)

  • Side transfer configurations

Mass Mat Top Conveyor

Mass Conveyor System

Adjustable Down Can Rails

Tray Handling Conveyor

Bolt-together construction makes Packaged Goods Conveyors a competitive and economical solution.  The conveyors are also available in painted mild steel construction or stainless steel for corrosion protection (non-sanitary design).  The conveyors are provided with open top frame construction utilizing 11 gauge inverted “L” shape side frames with optional inspection/clean out slots. Although acceptable by ASME B20.1-2009, please consult internal corporate safety standards for clean out acceptability.


Wear and Chemical Resistance

CLE’s 11002 Series Conveyors feature UHMW-PE wear strips with either UHMW channel and stainless steel backing or “Tee” rail style UHMW with stainless steel sheath depending on the size and application.  UHMW offers excellent wear characteristics, a wide range of chemical resistance usually used for cleaning, and a low coefficient of friction for reduced operating loads.  For certain high speed conveyors, Can Lines Engineering may use Nylatron to handle the larger dynamic loading with high speeds.  Additionally, we can provide other high performance plastics on special requests.


Drive Options for Packaged Goods Conveyors

There are several standard options for drive choices for CLE’s Packaged Goods Conveyors. For most applications we will recommend using a shaft mounted, high efficiency helical-bevel gear-motor with a hollow bore.  These units can be supplied with premium efficient, inverter-duty motors and a variety of surface protection options to meet environmental requirements. 

Can Lines Engineering can also provide inexpensive worm gears with premium efficient motors but high inefficiencies will occur. 

Motorized pulleys provide a very streamlined design for most applications.  For further options or special requests, please contact our Engineering Department.


Guide Rails for Packaged Goods Conveyors

Can Lines Engineering  offers standard and custom guide rails to cover a wide range of products.  Our most economical guide offering is single or double fixed guide rails utilizing UHMW “tee” rails with a metal sheath backing.  CLE can also provide adjustable, tool-less adjustable, and pneumatic guide rail systems.


Floor Supports

For maximum value, CLE provides formed angle floor supports with adjustable feet and anchor holes.  To meet our customer’s needs, tubular supports with levelers can be provided when requested.  Ceiling hangers can also be provided for elevated locations when required.


Packaged Goods Conveyor Specs

Made to order standard conveyor specifications are:

  • Bolt together modular design for low purchase price

  • 3-1/4” wide to 48” wide

  • 3’ to 75’ long depending on load, speed, and back pressure requirements

  • Mild steel construction standard or stainless steel available for wash down applications

  • Open top frame design with single mat type chain or multi-strand table-top chains

  • 7-1/2” tall 11 gauge steel frame with 1” top lip

  • Straight running and side flexing configurations available

  • UHMW  tee rail support bed with stainless steel metal backing

  • 1-1/4” drive and tail shafts standard, 1-1/2”ø where required

  • Structural angle floor supports standard

  • Structural angle ceiling supports optional

  • Single high fixed guide rail standard

  • Double high adjustable guide rails optional

  • Shaft mounted direct drives standard

  • Nosebar end transfers for smaller products optional

  • Powered micro pitch transfers optional


Other Conveyors

  • Case Conveyors

  • Sanitary Conveyors

  • Cable Track Conveyors

  • Elevating Conveyors

  • Material Handling Conveyors


Contact Can Lines Engineering

CLE is much more than a conveyor supplier.  Please see our services page for more information on our Engineering and Installation services offered, or give us a call for discuss your project further or request a quote today.

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